Experience of use Keto Diet

Anna Voinova, (Sofia, Bulgaria). You lost 7 kilograms in 1 month without diet and gym using Keto Diet.

Safe weight loss through ketosis with the Keto diet made me give up unhealthy diets and get back in shape quickly. I want to share my experience and tell you more about the drug that changed your life for the better. My review will help you!

My story: 8 years overweight

Keto Diet slimming capsules

My whole family suffers from excess weight, so I have had this problem since my teenage years. It got to the point that with a small height of 162cm, I weighed more than 70 kilograms. This affected self-esteem. For a long time I could not start a conversation with my peers, I was embarrassed to go to the pool or undress on the beach. It was painful and enviable to watch slender girls in separate bathing suits.

Passing school and university. Some classmates already had husbands and others also had children. Many got divorced and remarried, and I couldn't even date anyone. I still don't know if the problem was in the excess weight itself or in the complexes it caused. At one point it became so unbearable that I decided to get back on my feet. Losing weight despite genetics and a tendency to overeat.

Diets and gyms: how did I try to lose weight?

For 3 months I went to the gym and counted calories. I was constantly on my nerves, did not sleep enough, felt an unbearable hunger, but I kept trying. As a result, I managed to lose almost 10 kg weight. There was no limit to pride, but it was worth calming down and abandoning the exercises when the weight returned. I returned in 1 month. All my efforts have been wasted.

A bad experience forced me to go to a nutritionist, who recommended the Keto Diet slimming capsules. He warned that a diet is not necessary and explained how to use the drug.

What happened after the keto diet course

Anna lost 7 kg on Keto Diet in one month

The capsules were easy to use. It was enough to take them twice a day 30 minutes before meals. The course lasted 1 month. I followed all the instructions exactly, I didn't miss a single appointment.

After the first few days I noticed that I eat a lot less. There was simply no desire. I ate less food and didn't feel chronic fatigue, as I did with conventional calorie counting. Also, I was cheerful and full of energy. Exercise just got easier.

In the second week of taking it, I felt that the jeans were loosening a bit. It was odd, considering I wasn't limited to food at all and exercised as usual. It's amazing when you look at previous experiences.

I decided to get on the scale only after a month of use. They showed 65 kilograms (against the previous 72). It was happiness! In 1 month of using Keto Diet, I got almost the same result as 3 months of exhausting diets and effort.

Now I feel much more confident and continue to take the drug for even greater results. I have already recommended it to my friends.