Urgent weight loss in 2 days

Those who have already tried on themselves a huge number of different methods of urgent weight loss, argue that it is quite possible to lose weight within two days. You will obviously not lose 10 kilograms or more. But improving the figure and losing 2-3 kilograms is very real.

So how to lose weight in 2 days? There are many tips and tricks. Basically, days off are offered and a combination of a certain diet with exercise. Here are some proven options. Regardless of the technique chosen, keep in mind that it is better to choose a weekend for such experiments. In this case, the weight loss process will be comfortable and it is much easier to follow the rules at home than at work.

General rules

Apple in the fast weight loss diet

For 2-day weight loss, the most stringent diets are used more often. Basically, they aim to achieve an insignificant, but almost instant result. By downloading right away and you won't get much. Think logically: all that fat you have diligently accumulated over the years cannot go away in a couple of days. But undermining health with a longer fast without proper preparation or mono diets is easy.

To get rid of a couple of extra pounds and reduce the waist, you need to adhere to several important rules:

  • eating a diet of low-calorie foods;
  • significantly reduce the size of portions;
  • eat fractionally (5 to 7 times a day);
  • give up sugar and salt;
  • drink at least 2 liters of clean water every day;
  • do not drink alcoholic beverages.

If you follow all of the above, you will be able to say goodbye at about 2-3 kilograms. But it won't be fat at all. Weight loss in this case occurs due to the fact that the body is naturally freed from excess fluid, and the intestines are emptied in a timely manner. That is, how much is left in the toilet - so much weight and fell.

We will give some more practical advice on how to lose weight in two days. At this point, if possible, stop cooking alone. Make sure you don't see the food at all. Strictly adhere to the rules and avoid interruptions.

Correction of the diet

Only a couple of days to go, but do you need to lose weight and improve your figure at least a little? You can use one of the proven quick methods. If you make no mistake, the result will not be long in coming.

Hungry days

How to lose weight fast in 2 days? In the presence of iron willpower and stoic endurance, a starvation diet would be the optimal solution. Its only ingredients are pure water and green tea. The whole first and second day will have to sit on unsweetened green tea and clean water (you can drink mineral water, only without gas). Do you feel like you should pass out hungry now? Eat an apple or cucumber.

Important nuances: as soon as you wake up, you need to immediately drink a glass of water. After 30 minutes, you can make yourself a fragrant green tea. It is necessary to stop drinking liquids a couple of hours before going to bed.

This diet will help you lose up to 5 kilograms and get rid of swelling. However, those suffering from kidney disease should definitely consult their doctor.

On kefir

Rapid weight loss on a kefir diet

The Kefir diet is recognized as an equally effective method of losing weight. It is much easier to transfer than water tea. After all, kefir has the ability to saturate and to some extent satisfy hunger. In one day, you will need to drink a liter of this low-fat fermented milk drink. In addition, it is allowed to consume green tea and drink plain water at the same time.

If you are satisfied with 2-3kg plumb line in 2 days, this method will suit you perfectly.

A gentler type of such a diet is kefir apple.The essence of this method of losing weight is that kefir can be supplemented with several sweet apples per day. But if they only feed your hunger, forget about them and replace them with some other low-calorie fruit.

Tips for models

It's no secret that a model should always be skinny. But what to do, for example, after the holidays, when you are heavier and on the nose: photo shoots and fashion shows? We urgently need to restore form. Here is the diet menu of a model who wants to lose weight quickly:

  • Breakfast: hard boiled eggs and unsweetened tea (black or green).
  • Lunch is the same as breakfast.
  • Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese (100g) and unsweetened tea.

It is forbidden to exchange these meals with each other. Furthermore, it is not allowed to accumulate calories. In the intervals between breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is necessary to drink water. Remember its volume - about 2 liters. To avoid the return of the lost weight, it is necessary to repeat this diet every month.


The cabbage method of weight loss is also very popular. Within 2 days, you will need to eat a shredded white cabbage. You can't add oil and salt. Don't forget to drink water. A huge advantage of this method is the almost complete absence of hunger.

Cottage cheese is also a good remedy for urgent weight loss. You will need to consume approximately 200-250 grams of this low-fat product per day. True, not all at once, but distribute the entire volume for 3-4 meals. The proteins contained in cottage cheese will relieve you of excess fluids and a low-calorie diet will help you burn fat at least a little.

To maintain the results obtained through the diet, it is necessary to carefully monitor the diet and prefer exceptionally healthy products for health.

2-day diets

If your diet includes more foods in your diet, be aware that it may be less effective.

2 day mono diet menu

Mono-diets are the most effective for urgent weight loss. Slimming experts are highly regarded:

  • Apple;
  • kefir;
  • cucumber;
  • rice;
  • buckwheat.

Despite the fact that such an unloading helps to lose a couple of kilograms in the shortest possible time, the weight can return just as quickly.All the blame is a further return to the previous diet. Yet the use of mono diets is too often undesirable. Excessive use of these weight loss methods leads to serious health problems.

About squirrels

For each day, you should allocate 0. 5 to 0. 8 kg of protein food. It is best to have boiled chicken or beef. Optional fish. Allowed the use of carbohydrates (no more than 20 g per day). They should be represented by vegetables or grains. Any fats are completely excluded from the diet. Besides water it is allowed to drink coffee or tea.

This mono diet is very satisfying and tasty. However, it has its drawbacks. Those suffering from constipation or liver and kidney disease should not sit on it. If you really want to, go for a consultation with your doctor.

The plumb line in 2 days goes from 1 to 2 kilograms.


Do you need to reduce not only weight, but also the volume of the abdomen? Try to survive for 2 days with some drinks:

  • On the first day - we use a non-nutritive liquid - plain clean water, mineral water, coffee and tea.
  • The second day: we add freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, cocoa and kefir.

Remember that it is forbidden to drink more than 2 cups of tea or coffee in a day. A large amount of caffeine entering the body negatively affects the nervous system. Also, don't forget that you can't drink coffee on an empty stomach: Vitamin B will no longer be absorbed and consequently your metabolism will slow down.

The collapse of this diet is 2-3 kilograms.

And finally

Whichever method of urgent weight loss you choose, to get the most out of it, it is advisable to combine it with active exercise and sporting activity. An alternative option is evening walks on the street. Only a complex of several measures will help you get closer to the desired result.

Again, we point out that the weight lost through the quick diet program is easily returned. And only with the help of a competent exit from the diet, you can preserve the thinness of the body for a long time.