The best exercises for weight loss

exercises for weight loss at home

Exercises you can do without leaving home, allowing you to lose weight.

Everyone wants to be slim, attractive, with an ideal body shape. However, not everyone can afford to go to the gym, swimming pool, because it takes a long time and, of course, it costs money.

Therefore, you can monitor your form at home, performing a few sets of exercises.

An important feature of starting weight loss classes at home is setting a goal to move towards, and willpower is also important. After all, if there is no willpower, desire, then it will be very difficult to cope with the extra pounds. Doing fitness at home requires consistency, if you take breaks, the final result will lead to nothing.

Specialist recommendations

Here are some tips for home fitness: so, in addition to exercise, you also need to develop a diet - this is a mandatory element for an ideal figure. You cannot eat food 2 hours before training and about an hour after. During home workouts, you need to take a small amount of liquid - this should be ordinary drinking water.

It is also necessary to ventilate the room where the training will take place well before starting classes and after finishing take a hot shower. An important feature is the clothes and shoes in which you practice, they must not hinder the movements and be comfortable, so that it is comfortable to move. In addition, if you are determined to lose weight, you also need to purchase sports equipment - these are dumbbells of various weights, a special mat, a narrow bench and a gymnastic hoop.

So, let's start doing the best exercises to lose weight at home.

slimming squats

An important feature is that you need to start with some warm-up. Prepare your muscles for physical activity to prevent strains or injuries.

We start the warm-up with a 5-minute walk, then jog in place with our knees high. After performing tilts in different directions for two or three minutes, you need to finish the warm-up, with exercises such as alternating rotation with the shoulders, elbows and then the hands, also doing this for about 5 minutes.

The main set of exercises for losing weight at home must begin with squats, which allow you to remove the extra pounds from the buttocks and inner thighs. You need to do about 20 squats at a time.

Squatting technique: keep your legs shoulder-width apart, put your hands on your waist, squat down to take a deep breath and straightening into the starting position, we exhale.

The next exercise is to move each leg forward to create leaner legs. Exercise technique: we do one naked, for example, the right wide step forward and the knee of the other leg should touch the floor. In this case the arms should be at the waist and we make about 30 approaches, alternating the legs.

The next exercise is aimed at improving the shape of the chest, because during training the muscles of the chest are weakened. This exercise requires a bench press and dumbbells. The technique of this exercise: we lie down on a bench, take the dumbbells in our hands, spread them to the sides, take a breath, then join our hands behind the head, exhaling. In this case, the mass of the dumbbell must be gradually increased.

Now exercises for the upper and lower abdominal muscles. Thanks to this exercise, you can remove excess congestion in the waist, and also allows you to strengthen the lower abdomen muscles. Exercise technique: you have to lie down on the mat, bend your legs on your knees, when you inhale, lift them up and when you exhale lower them to the original position.

The next exercise is as follows: we fix the feet to the floor, while the legs should be bent at the knees, it is necessary to rise up to the shoulder blades.

The following exercise is intended to remove fat in the waist and buttocks, here we need a halahup circle, we need to rotate it for 20 minutes without interruption. If you want to give your calves a load, then it is enough to stand on the floor with your toes, then lower to the starting position.

circle slimming exercises

Gradually, this set of exercises for losing weight at home can be diversified by adding or replacing one or another exercise with another, but this is at your discretion.

So, to summarize, in order to lose weight, we need: firstly, this desire, and secondly, an integral part of training is to be more outdoors, and also to develop a proper diet, in the diet ofwhich vegetables and fruits should be present. You can arrange a fasting day for your body once a week. By following all these tips after a while, you will successfully achieve a beautiful and slim figure.

Be in excellent physical shape, because this is the key to a good mood.

Reviews and tips for losing weight

"At the same time, my friend and I began to regularly carry out a certain set of lessons and to fulfill all the instructions of our video trainer.

The sensations were wonderful, firstly, we remembered all the lessons from the school's physical education program, and secondly, we learned a lot of new and useful things, how to perform the tasks correctly and which muscle groups should be "bet""when you lose weight.

The result was amazing, minus 8 kg per month, and that's not all. The body became lean and supple, the bumps in the problem areas smoothed out, the muscles in the arms of the legs became pumped and strong.

At home we still did various wraps and self-massages on the abdomen and thighs.

Yes, it is imperative to check your diet plus plant foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no place for sweets and cold cuts. The lighter you feel inside, the freer you feel outside.

Now we have taken a break, according to the doctor's recommendations, but after a few months we will start the lessons again.

We wish you to find the strength to change your life and make it brighter and more beautiful! "