How much can you throw away on an alcoholic diet

drink diet for weight loss

The alcoholic diet is a system for cleansing the body and reducing body weight. This program can be calculated for 7, 14, 30 days. The most common diet is 7 days. Also, doctors do not recommend sitting on an alcoholic diet for 30 days, maximum 14 days. During this time, you will be able to cleanse your body and lose a certain amount of extra pounds. Those girls who are worried about the question of how much you can throw away on an alcoholic diet may be delighted that, first of all, you will cleanse your body. And this, at times, is much more important than the kilograms lost.

What is the essence of an alcoholic diet

The essence of the alcoholic diet is that the digestive system will rest during this period, as it will not receive solid, hard food. This means that you will feel relief from the feeling of heaviness, fullness in the stomach, but at the same time you will lose weight.

The diet will completely free you from the need to chew food. If you decide to try this type of food, you should understand that for 7, 14, 30 days you will not chew anything. But that doesn't mean you'll have a real hunger strike. It's just that the food will be changed to liquid food.

The body will acquire useful elements from juices, water, smoothies, cocktails and other drinks. This type of nutrition will allow not only to lose weight in just 14 days, but also ensures the release of the body from toxic substances and pollution. This diet is considered unique due to its low cost and effectiveness.

Consequently, when asked how much you can lose on an alcoholic diet, you can safely say that in 2 weeks you got rid of 7-10 kg. Each case must be considered separately. One person may lose less and another may lose much more. After all, it all depends on the starting weight and the more it is, the more you will be able to throw away. Therefore, if your weight is 100 kg, you can lose 7-10 kg in 2 weeks, but girls with a weight of, for example, 60 kg in 2 weeks will not be able to lose about 10 kg.

What can you eat

This weight loss method is calculated for a period of 14 days without eating solid food.

Note! In the traditional version, only one water is consumed for 14 days. We do not recommend that you do this in any case, as it is quite difficult and extremely dangerous for the body.

To avoid subsequent health problems, the diet plan allows the consumption of any liquid food. A similar principle will allow to relieve the feeling of hunger and provide the body with all the necessary elements. During the diet, it is allowed to consume the following liquids:

  1. water. . . During the entire diet plan and during the exit period, you should definitely consume at least 2 liters of water. It must be purified, non-carbonated and free of dyes. If you decide to sit exclusively on water, then you need to prepare your body for such loads. First, gradually begin to eliminate food, and after the end of the diet, you can not rush to food, but gradually add your usual food to the diet. But keep in mind that you cannot starve for more than 3 days. Changes in the body will begin that will not lead to anything good.
  2. Broth. . . It is allowed to cook on meat and vegetables. Chicken, beef, veal, vegetable set can be used as meat broths. The basic rule is that you cannot absolutely resort to canned soups, which are often found in supermarket briquettes. It is not recommended to use salt, but there is no complete ban. Onions and peppers cannot be used from vegetables, as they help whet the appetite.
  3. Lactic acid based products. . . The main condition is low fat content. It is allowed to consume kefir, fermented cooked milk, milk. The percentage of fat is no more than two. Yogurt is allowed, but it must be natural, even with a low percentage of fat.
  4. Freshly squeezed fruit juices. . . It is recommended to spin it yourself with fresh fruit or vegetables. Sugar cannot be added. Juices also banned and bought in stores, especially in cardboard packaging, since such juices contain a large amount of preservatives, and the mass fraction of juice in them, as a rule, cannot exceed 40-50%. An excellent choice for juice would be grapefruit, it is recognized as an active fat burner. You shouldn't use grapes for juice because it contains a lot of sugar.
  5. You. . . Consumption should be sugar-free. The tea leaves can be used to your taste. Give preference to cream teas over packaged teas.
  6. Compote, jelly. . . Baking should also be sugar-free. Do not buy briquette jelly in stores - this is the most harmful product for losing weight. Cook it yourself. The same rule applies to compost.

The distribution of the drinks listed is allowed by day, and it is also possible to combine them on the same day. Water and tea can be drunk indefinitely. All other liquids should be consumed within certain limits. You shouldn't overeat, you should just satisfy your hunger.

Advantages and disadvantages

The drinking diet has its positives and negatives.

FORadvantagesto include:

  • High performance. This diet plan is widely known for its effectiveness. How Much Weight Can You Lose On An Alcoholic Diet? In 14 days, you have the potential to lose 7 to 15 extra pounds. Thanks to a change in the usual diet, the body will begin to actively burn excess fat, which will give you a chance to get your flawless figure.
  • Cleanse the body of harmful toxins and toxins. Lots of liquid can remove almost all harmful elements, toxic compounds and toxins from the body. It will improve digestion and metabolism in the body.
  • Reduction of stomach volumes. Due to the lack of solid food, the digestive tract will stop enlarging, this will be the first step towards a dream figure. Over time, it will even begin to shrink, thanks to this, the hanging belly will disappear. This process is triggered by a characteristic of the stomach itself.

FORversusto include:

The negative impact on the body will be expressed in a single, but rather serious negative consequence. This disadvantage can even scare many people who want to lose weight on a liquid diet.

The liquid does not provide the possibility to fully obtain the feeling of fullness and to obtain the minerals and vitamins necessary for proper metabolism. Hunger can disrupt the functioning of the whole body, which can lead to disease. If you find such signs on yourself, be sure to contact a specialist.

For those who do not have chronic diseases, this method of losing weight will not harm. The body under stress will burn fat, due to which the fat burning process will take place. The basic rule is that you shouldn't be hungry, drink more fluids and this will give you the opportunity to fill your stomach.

How many kilograms can you lose

Many women and even men may be wondering how many pounds can you lose on an alcoholic diet? The number of kilograms lost depends mainly on the starting body weight and the duration of the diet. Do not forget that the number of calories consumed per day should not exceed 1500 units.

  • When following a one or three day diet,you can lose up to 3 kg. . .
  • In 7 days with correct adherence to the planyou can get rid of 7 kg. . .
  • For 14 daysthe weight can be reduced by 12 kg. . .
  • How much can you lose on an alcoholic diet in a month? Within 30 days after following an alcoholic dietyou can lose up to 18 kg. . .

The main thing is the correctness of the diet, do not starve, drink water at least 2 liters.

Real results

Based on the results and reviews of many followers of this method of losing weight, it can be concluded that the diet really brings results. Nutrition belongs to the category of complex ones, it is difficult to adhere to an exclusively drinking diet, but if you prepared a week before the diet itself, then it will be much easier for the body to get used to such a regimen.

Make sure you do not forget about the correct way out of such a diet, and then the lost kilograms will definitely not come back to you.