Exercises for the abdomen for men: fitness complex for weight loss

A toned torso with raised abs is a dream for many men. After all, a sports figure always attracts the views of the opposite sex. If you have accumulated excess fat in the abdomen and sides, then only a thorough work on yourself will help you get rid of it. Various diets and medications will not give the desired result and may even harm your health. The basis for success in the process of weight loss and the formation of precious abdominal cubes are regular fitness training, the abandonment of bad habits and a healthy diet.

Reasons for the appearance of a "beer belly" in men

  • Incorrect feeding. Fast food, fatty fried foods, smoked meats, flour products, and overeating lead to gastrointestinal tract malfunctions, which often lead to obesity.
  • Lack of physical activity. Sedentary work, weekends on the sofa are the key to the appearance of excess fat not only on the stomach and hips. Due to a sedentary lifestyle and the absence of fitness exercises, excess weight is gained quickly.
  • Genetic predisposition and chronic diseases (e. g. diabetes mellitus). In this case, it will not be possible to achieve the athlete's thinness, but regular fitness classes will help to control weight and make the figure proportional.
  • Bad habits. Smoking and alcohol have a direct impact on the functioning of the whole body.

How to get rid of belly and hips: fitness training and proper nutrition

to lose weight in the abdomen, in addition to exercise, proper nutrition is important

The key to success in eliminating fat folds on the abdomen and sides is an integrated approach. If you stick to any diet and ignore fitness, belly fat will drop, but it won't add attractiveness to your appearance. All you get is loose muscles and sagging skin. Therefore, fitness training is a mandatory aspect of solving this problem. At the same time, it is not necessary to starve, it is enough to adhere to the basic principles of a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Eliminate frankly unhealthy foods, fatty foods, and simple carbohydrates from your diet. Give preference to vegetables, fruits, grains, chicken, turkey and beef.
  • Drink lots of clean water. Mineral without gas or purified is suitable.
  • Avoid strong tea, coffee, sugary sodas, and store-bought packaged juices - they are high in sugar.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

By adhering to these simple principles and doing regular fitness workouts, you will notice significant changes in your figure in a couple of weeks. In addition, such a regimen will have a beneficial effect on overall health.

Fitness classes in the gym and at home

If you want to get rid of the "beer belly" and firm your figure in general, giving relief to your muscles, fitness classes in the gym are a great option. A professional trainer will help you design a personalized fitness training program based on your physical condition. In addition, under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will quickly be able to master the correct technique for performing fitness exercises and choose the optimal weights for working with simulators. And having more trained athletes in the gym will serve as an additional motivation to exercise.

If, for some reason, you do not have the opportunity to attend a sports club, you can organize fitness workouts at home (or on the sports field in the yard). For home workouts you will need:

  • Comfortable clothing that does not hinder movement, wicks sweat and is breathable.
  • Some sports equipment: dumbbells, exercise mat.
  • Free time and spacious premises.

You can conduct home fitness classes at any time convenient for you, in the morning or in the evening after a workday. The main thing is the regularity of training and attention to results. If you are lazy and skip the planned fitness workouts, your efforts will not bring the desired result.

Fitness exercises to train the press for men

gymnastics board for belly slimming

Every fitness workout should start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down. Running (in the stadium, on the spot, on the stairs), jumping rope, any rhythmic dance movement to music is suitable as a warm-up. The cool-down should consist of fitness stretching exercises that will help relax the muscles after intense exertion and promote muscle recovery.

  • Classic croquettes.

    Performed from a supine position, feet hip-width apart and knees bent. Feet rest firmly against the floor surface, hands - on the back of the head. With a strong but not abrupt movement, lift your upper torso off the floor and stretch your chest towards the knees. The lower back during this fitness exercise must be pressed firmly against the floor surface. The movement is performed only by the abdominal muscles.

  • Side crunches.

    The starting position is the same as in the previous fitness exercise. Twists are performed laterally, that is, when lifting the shoulder region, it is necessary to try to reach the knee of the opposite leg with the elbow.

  • Raises the legs.

    Performed from a supine position, arms extended along the body, legs together. With the effort of the abdominal muscles, it is necessary to raise the closed legs together at right angles to the floor surface. Performing this fitness element, it is necessary to lower the legs smoothly, controlling the movement of the abdominal muscles.

  • Raise your arms and legs.

    The starting position is lying on your back. Hands - on the sides, legs - together and raised perpendicular to the body. With a deep exhalation, it is necessary to tear off the shoulder and arms from the floor, trying to reach the feet with your fingers. During this fitness exercise, do not make sudden movements - this can cause muscle sprains, especially if you have not engaged in physical activity for a long time.

  • table.

    One of the most effective fitness exercises to train the muscles of the abs, hips, buttocks, back and arms. It is performed from a lying position (as for push-ups). The body should form a straight line, with support on the arms or elbows and toes. When doing this fitness exercise, make sure there are no folds in the lower back. In the plank position, you must hold out for at least 30 seconds, this time increasing by 15 seconds every week.

These basic fitness exercises will help you shed excess belly and side fat in a short time and make your figure slim and fit. Fitness beginners shouldn't push too hard and train until exhaustion. It is enough to perform 2-3 sets of exercises, 12-15 repetitions each. After two to three weeks of training, you can add weights and do exercises with dumbbells in your hand.