A weekly fractional meal plan for weight loss: principles, portions and diet

In hopes of getting a jaw-dropping result, don't think that small portions will make you hungry and you will constantly want to eat, feel free to switch to fractional meals for weight loss - the menu for a week can be five or even six meals a day. If your routine consists of a traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner, then there are too long breaks between them, which awaken the desire to eat half the contents of the refrigerator. Portioned meals do not allow a person to experience the unpleasant feeling of an empty stomach.

What is fractional nutrition

Most people trying to lose unnecessary pounds resort to dieting, hoping that this will save them from the problem forever. However, to maintain weight, you need to completely rethink your regimen. Fractional nutrition is a way to reduce body weight, in which the number of meals increases significantly, but the portions themselves containing foods useful for the body are reduced. Often, a person needs much less food than he intends to eat.


Eating small meals for weight loss is very effective because it prevents the production of hormones responsible for appetite. For patients with gastrointestinal problems, doctors prescribe this method of eating food. The blood sugar level is maintained, which also affects the absence of a constant feeling of hunger. The principles of fractional nutrition are as follows:

  • Eat at least 5 times a day. If it is not possible to eat at home, prepare the food and sort it into containers.
  • Portions should be awkward.
  • It is necessary to compose the menu according to the daily calorie requirement and not exceed it.
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Oddly, you can control your appetite by increasing your meals. The menu, however, needs to be correct. However, you cannot transform this way of eating into a continuous eating of something. The digestive system, in the absence of rest, simply will not be able to assimilate nutrients. The rules of fractional nutrition for weight loss look like this:

  • Create a menu for yourself and write it down in detail. The breaks should not last more than 3 hours.
  • Calculate your calories. In addition to the total amount, you need to divide the daily portions into equal calories.
  • Use Product Compatibility Sheets when writing menus. Renounce the harmful.

Service weight

If there are a lot of meals, they shouldn't be large, otherwise you won't get the desired effect. You can visually determine the amount using an ordinary glass - it should be filled almost to the end. Portion weight with split meals does not exceed 250 g, but can be less. This includes all the food on your plate in front of you. This is enough to satisfy hunger and not overeat. You also need to drink large amounts of water throughout the day.

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Split food menu

An unhealthy appetite that dominates a person's desire to look at the refrigerator again and again for good things haunts in summer and winter, every day and every month. You can only overcome it by giving what it requires: food! The fractional meal of the week menu is compiled for convenience - you don't have to think every day about what to eat to lose weight. Some meals in the diet can be one-time, while others can be repeated within 7 days.

Six meals a day for weight loss

Those who want to lose weight will have to make a choice: eat a couple of times a day or eat often, but in modest portions. Six meals a day for weight loss are meant for those who prefer the latter option. With this scheme, you simply won't have time to get hungry. An approximate menu of fractional food for weight loss for a week looks like this:

1 day

  • Breakfast: an apple, 200 ml of low-fat milk, 25 g of cereals.
  • Lunch: 100 g of cottage cheese, banana, unsweetened tea.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad, 120 g of boiled buckwheat, 2 chicken cutlets, 200 ml of kefir.
  • Afternoon snack: 30 g of low-fat cheese, a slice of cereal bread, fruit.
  • Dinner: sorrel soup, fresh vegetables, 200 ml of water, a slice of bread.
  • Snack: cucumber, 250 ml of kefir.

2nd day

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with a handful of berries, fruit, 250ml of low-fat milk.
  • Lunch: 120g of yogurt, 25g of cheese, coffee with 2 oatmeal cookies.
  • Lunch: mashed potatoes, white chicken meat, fresh vegetables, 250 ml of kefir.
  • Afternoon snack: 120 g of low-fat yogurt with fruit, tea.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad, cheese, bulgur and herbs, 60 g of bread.
  • Snack: tomato, 100 g of ricotta.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: pancakes with raisins and whipped cream, unsweetened coffee.
  • Lunch: 100 g of cottage cheese with fruit.
  • Lunch: boiled potatoes until soft - 2 pieces, Chicken meatballs - 2 pieces, Vegetables.
  • Afternoon snack: cereal bread sandwich with ham and tomatoes, orange, tea.
  • Dinner: 2 cheese and tomato sandwiches, cold cucumber soup.
  • Snack: kefir.

4th day

  • Breakfast: rolled oats with 0, 5% milk, coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch: a sandwich with lettuce, tomato and paprika.
  • Lunch: Baked fish with cheese, 125 g of rice, vegetables, kefir.
  • Afternoon snack: fruit salad with ricotta added.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad with couscous, a slice of bread, a handful of berries, tea.
  • Snack: kefir.

Day 5

  • Breakfast: boiled egg, a slice of bread, coffee with 1 tsp. Sahara.
  • Lunch: 30g of cheese, 120g of natural yogurt, tea with 2 oatmeal cookies.
  • Lunch: lasagna with vegetables, apple, 250 ml of water.
  • Afternoon snack: raspberry ice cream, coffee.
  • Dinner: a slice of ham pie, vegetable salad, 250 ml of wine.
  • Snack: kefir, pear.

6th day

  • Breakfast: oatmeal porridge, coffee.
  • Lunch: yogurt, apple.
  • Lunch: Baked turkey with rice, tomato, cucumber, bread, tea.
  • Afternoon snack: dessert made with strawberries and low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: Caesar salad with chicken breast, bread, tea.
  • Snack: kefir.

Day 7

  • Breakfast: yogurt, tea.
  • Lunch: 30 grams of cheese, a slice of bread.
  • Lunch: broccoli soup, beef stew, 250ml water.
  • Afternoon snack: fruit salad.
  • Dinner: baked fish, tomato, cucumber, tea.
  • Snack: milk 0, 5%, berries.
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Five meals a day for weight loss

To lose weight, food and drink should be sufficient, but not excessive. Five meals a day for weight loss will also be an excellent option, and making a menu for him is not difficult. Rely on six meals a day, removing one meal from it and shifting the time slightly. Don't cut calories, but don't overdo it. Don't be afraid to complement your usual cucumber tomatoes with cauliflower, broccoli, celery, and other less popular vegetables. However, don't get carried away by a product like beets - due to the excessive sugar content, they can increase your appetite.

Fractional Nutrition Recipes

When you are too lazy to cook, ready-made yogurts and cottage cheese come to the rescue. A fractional diet for weight loss allows the use of low-fat fermented milk products. However, for lunches and dinners, you still have to work hard. Fractional meal recipes involve cooking or boiling food. Eating baked fish, for example, will be healthier and tastier than enjoying the fried version.