Motivation plan for weight loss

Many girls are not happy with their figure and want to lose extra pounds, but losing weight in a few days is impossible. There are many ways to lose weight and surely one of them will become necessary, suitable, but without motivation it will not be possible to achieve success.

Motivation techniques in the initial phase

a girl with a slim figure as a motivation to lose weight

To lose weight, girls select a special nutritional system, and also begin to engage in physical activity. Of course, not everyone can resist such a regimen, so it is very important to pay attention to such a psychological aspect as the motivation to lose weight, which will help you not to go wild and reach your goal.

Many girls, who want to get rid of excess weight, give up in half, because they have a vague idea of what they are fighting for. This is one of the most common mistakes. Only by understanding exactly why you are losing weight can you achieve real results.

Motivation for weight loss is a push, the first step towards your goal. Indecisive and insecure girls should develop an acceptable action plan. Realize that the future is hard and hard work. It is important to prepare, to gather the will and physical efforts together. The receptions are different. The simplest and most effective:

  1. Quotes, phrases. Write, hang in front of you positive and inspiring phrases. Watch and speak out loud when you want to eat another portion of tasty, but unhealthy food.
  2. Audio Recording. Record simple affirmations on the tape recorder, listening to them daily: "I don't want to get fat anymore and I will not contradict the plan", "I will lose weight, because only taking care of the body will lead to beauty".
  3. Images. Visualization is an effective technique for many. Pictures (photos) of slender female models are recommended to hang in front of the eyes, like a dream come true, examples of which inspire every woman. A good motivation for girls is a photo of handsome men you want to seduce and start changing for the better.
  4. To promise. Why not promise loved ones to give a certain amount of money (value) if at least one item of the plan isn't completed by a certain date and a few kilograms aren't dropped.
  5. Fabric. Buy cool, trendy clothes, but one size down. This will serve as a reason - to try something after losing weight.
  6. Enthusiasm. Finding a hobby is a great motivator that will constantly distract you from the desire to eat something delicious, but forbidden.
  7. Support, praise. If loved ones start supporting and inspiring early on, the diet will go smoothly, without interruption.
  8. Criticism, condemnation of others. The reception is harsh, but for some people it is strong, encouraging them to take drastic measures.
  9. Fear, depression. Many women are afraid of anorexia with consequences or the departure of a beloved man.
  10. Success stories. A great boost to lose weight when you have to hear about how people have achieved their goals and only thanks to perseverance, great willpower.
  11. Gifts are rewards. You can start pampering yourself by buying small gifts at regular intervals.

It is worth considering the advice of a psychologist, as success is achieved by those people whose motivations turn out to be the strongest. You should take 2-3 external and internal motivators as a basis, combining the desire to feel the lightness, airiness of your body and, at the same time, the dream of becoming thin.

Goal setting

Without set goals, the desire to lose weight quickly disappears. They must be real and clearly defined. There is no need to set high standards for yourself by trying to lose a dozen pounds in just a few days. It should be understood that this is unrealistic and can only undermine your health. It is recommended to determine the goal that the woman wants to achieve. Weigh the pros and cons, pros and cons of losing weight. To create super motivation, it is recommended to set short-term goals:

  • try on a smaller dress by the set date (after 3 months);
  • ahead is an important event and you need to have time to lose weight;
  • spring is coming and there is little time, but losing 2-3 kg is quite real;
  • high blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This is bad, we must achieve the normalization of the indicators.

It is worth making a plan on a piece of paper, dividing it into 2 columns. In one, write down the negative aspects of extra pounds (the inability to undress on the beach, wear nice clothes), in the other - the potential benefits that will be if you still manage to get rid of the annoying kilograms.

Punishment and encouragement

It will be much easier to lose weight if a woman controls her laziness. To make the weight loss process more interesting, it should be turned into a game where friends and family are allowed to get involved. It is recommended that a system of rewards and punishments be developed.


  • for an adequately spent day, it is possible to visit a beauty salon, a massage room, a museum, a dolphinarium;
  • put a certain amount of money in a piggy bank if the shifts are obvious;
  • plan a day off with a trip out of town and even to another country, if you can get impressive results by the due date.

Examples of punishments:

  • refusal of entertainment and shopping;
  • carry out daily cleaning, to be paid for;
  • giving money to her husband, friends.

You can motivate yourself to lose weight by encouraging, without forgetting the main goal: to keep emotions, psychological problems and possible breakdowns under strict control.

Old photos and favorite clothes - in important places

Many women, peering at the photos of the ideal images of fashion models, imagine how much work it takes to invest to achieve similar body proportions. Every woman has her own standard of good figure, which will serve as an excellent incentive, but you should take your constitution into account.

Old photos, in which once in his youth the figure was more ideal, will serve as an inspiration, a strong motivator. It's worth putting your favorite clothes and old photos in the foreground. Daily glances at the photo can be the best motivation.

Favorite clothes you want to wear can be hung next to the mirror. This is a good motivation for every day. The clothes will be hung and each time they will remind you that the goal has been set.

photos before and after weight loss

Share your plans with loved ones

You should approach the process responsibly. Make a plan, write down ways to reach the goal and deadlines. It is important to set goals that any woman can realistically achieve, regardless of her build.

It will not be superfluous to tell your family and friends about your plans, as emotional support is also an incentive. It is good if close people join the weight loss process. They will help support the desire for the intended and the goal and prevent you from eating junk food if you wish.

Think and act positively

You cannot despair if you have not managed to lose even 1 kg in 1-2 weeks. It is worth focusing your thoughts and physical activity on the fact that everything will work out, but you will have to try. In your business, you should involve close people:

  • play active games with children;
  • visit the gym with your husband;
  • cycling around town.

The right pace is the key to weight loss

When losing weight, it is important to choose a pace that is acceptable to yourself. You shouldn't go to extremes, follow a strict diet, or overload yourself with strength and physical training.

A sharp transition to a new lifestyle will cause a weakening of health, a deterioration in well-being, stress. Long distance rides are not recommended.

Overcoming long distances, an unprepared body will quickly fail, and in the morning a person will feel extremely difficult.

Choose an acceptable pace for yourself, increase the load gradually, no more than 10% per week.

Exercise should be fun

You can not exhaust yourself with unbearable physical exertion, as well as postpone the weight loss process indefinitely. If you visit a sports club, you should first consult a sports doctor, get tested, assess the state of your cardiovascular system. In order not to overload the body, you should choose the optimal frequency and intensity of training. Excessive zeal and overexertion will not do you any good.

Yes, your favorite food, but within reasonable limits

Losing weight properly and according to plan means saying yes to your favorite food. You should not limit yourself to daily nutrition, sitting only on water and refusing to take foods containing proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins.

It is important to understand that proper diet is not an absolute ban on food and refusal to eat. So you can quickly undermine your health and lose the desire to lose weight. It is allowed to use all products, but in small portions.

Finding an acceptable diet is difficult, but you can consult a nutritionist or trainer. Make a daily diet, a list of training exercises.

High-calorie foods and sweets will have to be abandoned. It is enough to correctly calculate the calories you need for each day, as everything will fall into place. If it's lunch, you can't just eat a packet of dried potato chips, although you should refuse an additional dessert.

Motivation for weight loss every day - save the result

In order for the motivation not to disappear, the results must be saved and even documented. Recording of results can be done in several ways:

  • draw up a photo report with the application of signed weight parameters, which were achieved after 2-3 weeks of weight loss;
  • post photos on social networks to get support from friends;
  • find a hobby that allows you to distract yourself from the thought of hunger and junk food.

You cannot despair and stop at the results achieved. It is worth rejoicing, correcting even minor results and success in weight loss. It is important to clearly follow the goal, stick to the established pace. If it was not possible to change the figure in a few months, it will be possible in 1-1, 5 years.

The best motivation for losing weight is to set achievable goals. It is important to believe in yourself that everything will work and will not complete your weight loss program if you have not managed to lose a few kilograms by the deadline.

Weight loss and motivation are inseparable. For some women, improving their health is a powerful motivator, for others, becoming an example for children and friends. It is important to find individual motivators that work, despite the impending difficulties and obstacles.