What can you eat on a carb-free diet? (list)

foods for a carbohydrate-free diet

A perfect figure is every woman's dream. The most effective way to get rid of the extra pounds is a combination of exercise and diet. To get rid of the hated folds of fat, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with hunger strikes. To do this, it is enough to limit the consumption of foods containing a large amount of carbohydrates. What can you eat on a carb-free diet? You can find a list of allowed products in this article.

Benefits of a low carbohydrate diet

A carbohydrate-free diet is one of the most comfortable and effective ways to reduce weight without harming your health. Also, you don't have to feel a constant feeling of hunger, because protein foods can provide the body with a lot of energy for a long time.

Characteristics of a carbohydrate-free diet

There are several rules that will help you achieve maximum effect. It is worth giving up dressing salads with mayonnaise, sour cream, it is better to do it with lemon juice. In rare cases, the use of olive or sunflower oil is allowed. For the duration of the diet, you will have to forget about fried foods. Please note that vegetables are best eaten raw and boiled or steamed meat. Another feature of a carbohydrate-free diet is the rejection of any liquid within half an hour after eating.

Benefits of a low carbohydrate diet

According to nutritionists, the main benefit of a carbohydrate-free diet is the rapid reduction of fat while maintaining muscle mass. This is possible due to the fact that the diet with this weight loss method is rich in protein. Also a positive feature is a sufficient number of calories, in which a person will experience a moderate appetite. This will help to avoid a state of stress and not to gain weight immediately after the end of the diet.

Cons of a carbohydrate-free diet

Like any other weight loss method, a carbohydrate-free diet has side effects. These include a possible chair violation. This is due to the lack or low fiber content. Also, in the first few days there may be a feeling of weakness and sleepiness, as well as dizziness. Keep in mind that during this diet it is better to give up sports and physical activity. Due to the decrease in vitamins and trace elements supplied with food, there is a possibility of complete exhaustion of the body.

fruit for a low-carb diet

How to choose products for a carbohydrate-free diet?

To compile a carbohydrate-free menu, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of allowed and prohibited foods. We will talk about this in detail in the second part of the article.

List of allowed products


On a carbohydrate-free diet, it is permissible to eat a small amount of chicken breast. Meat of other types should be excluded from the diet. Please note that before cooking the chicken fillet must be cleaned of the skin and all fat removed. After that, the meat must be washed under running water. The most useful is considered to be boiled or steamed brisket.

A fish

Just like meat, fish should be steamed. Your preference should be given to cod, sea bass, zander or cod. This food product must be present in your diet. In rare cases, you can eat a small amount (no more than 40 grams) of shrimp or squid.

Dairy products

Fermented milk products will help diversify your diet. They are ideal for a light dinner. You can consume up to 200 grams of fat-free yogurt or cottage cheese every day. Also, for breakfast, you can eat a small piece of tofu soy cheese, which contains almost no carbohydrates.

Other products

It is possible to replenish the list of a carbohydrate-free diet with vegetables, berries, roots and citrus fruits. Your choice is best to stop at:

  1. cabbage;
  2. Luca;
  3. leafy vegetables;
  4. beans and peas;
  5. green apples;
  6. Oranges and lemons;
  7. Currant;
  8. Strawberry;
  9. Walnuts and pine nuts, but also almonds;
  10. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

It is also allowed to eat two soft-boiled eggs per day.


As you approach the desired result, you need to balance your diet to avoid the return of hated kilograms. Cereals are characterized by a high content of proteins and fibers. And their slow assimilation will help you maintain a sense of satiety for a long time. Nutritionists recommend that you consume no more than 250 calories of carbohydrates per day. Buckwheat, pea and oatmeal, subject to this rule, will not only not harm your figure, but also provide the necessary trace elements for the normal functioning of the body.

List of prohibited products

For the duration of a carbohydrate-free diet, the following foods should be completely excluded from the diet:

  1. Pasta and baked goods;
  2. Potato;
  3. Sweets;
  4. Alcohol, including beer;
  5. Carbonated drinks.

Diet is one of the most effective ways to fight excess weight. We have tried to tell you what you can eat on a carbohydrate-free diet. The list of recommended and prohibited foods can be found in the second part of the article. A diet that eliminates carbohydrates from the diet is the only one capable of reducing fat while maintaining muscle mass. Please note that for the moment of weight loss by this method, it is necessary to refrain from visiting the gym and physical activity. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to complete exhaustion of the body.