Gluten free diet

Note that a diet that excludes gluten completely was originally developed for those people who are allergic to this gluten. Allergies cause celiac disease, which is a disease of the digestive system. After some time, it turned out that such nutrition is not only good for health, but also contributes, take note of yourself - a sharp weight loss. Today, the gluten-free diet for weight loss is very popular.

gluten-free diet foods

She managed to try many celebrities who were pleased with the result. Gluten is a food commonly referred to as gluten. Thanks to him, the dough becomes more sticky and elastic. And baked goods are soft and supple. Since gluten is astringent and sticky, it is also found in many other foods, such as sauces (which, by the way, are so easy to improve) or our favorite ice cream. In addition to gluing, gluten has other properties that are not entirely beneficial to the human body. It slows down the metabolic process, which can cause abdominal pain.

How does a gluten-free diet work?

There is an opinion that gluten, if eaten in very large quantities, in addition to "stomach" problems, can cause something like depression. That means:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • apathy - no desire to move forward;
  • spleen - nothing in life brings joy, life seems uninteresting;
  • unease;
  • heachache;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • decreased immunity.

By giving up gluten, the load on the digestive tract will decrease, digestion will improve, which will help improve well-being. Also, apathy and blues will disappear, energy will appear, and life will seem more cheerful and joyful. In general, a "gluten-free" life will bring only joy!

Keep in mind that gluten is in many of the foods we love so much (although you probably didn't know it) we eat every day: bread, pasta, cakes, sauces, pastries, muffins, and so on. After abandoning them (fast carbohydrates), the body will begin to rebuild itself and receive energy from other, less high-calorie sources, which will naturally lead to weight loss. As mentioned above, gluten-free food will not only make you leaner, but also more active and cheerful.

The anti-gluten diet includes minimally processed foods, namely: legumes, vegetables, yogurt (excluding additives), milk, meat, berries, fish, eggs, poultry and so on.

A gluten-free diet is different in that you can eat whatever you want and indulge in next to nothing. All products that do not include gluten, you can combine them with each other in the most convenient way for you, of course, within reasonable limits. It is worth noting that the gluten-free diet is famous for the fact that its menu can be quite varied and, moreover, even balanced. You don't have to drastically change your eating habits.

Can't you do without bread and sweets? Cook them with rice flour, buckwheat or soy. There are many interesting recipes for delicious dishes that do not include gluten. By the way, this applies not only to those who want to lose weight without difficulty. This gluten intolerance diet will allow you not to feel disadvantaged in some way. You can eat the foods you love and still look good and feel great. You can also try exotic cereals: sago, quinoa, chumiza. If you do not have a disease that does not allow you to eat gluten, but simply the desire to lose weight, we advise you to give up fried foods and pickles. It is best to boil food, bake, boil or steam. Believe me, this food can be not only healthy, but also very tasty.

Remember, gluten-free food is the key to good health and a radiant smile that is sure to grab the attention of the opposite sex.

Benefits of eliminating gluten:

  • Toxins that have accumulated before the diet are removed from the body;
  • Weight loss of up to 4 kilograms is possible in just one week. Agree: this is more than an excellent result with such a simple diet;
  • You will not starve and you will not have a goal in life: something to eat. You on a gluten-free diet, unlike others, will always be full;
  • Your diet will be balanced and varied, but the amount of calories consumed at the same time will be minimal.

Products containing gluten should only be completely abandoned if necessary for medicinal purposes. Healthy people who have set themselves the goal of losing weight shouldn't be so adamant. The fact is that after several studies, it has been shown that a gluten-free diet can cause a deficiency in the body of certain vitamins and elements: potassium, vitamins C and B, iron and folic acid.

To avoid this problem you need to:

  • Eat foods that contain gluten;
  • Use vitamins to restore their deficiency.

Again, it's worth noting that the gluten-free diet is very simple. It's like it's made for the lazy. Includes rice flour, buckwheat or soy. Be sure to take note that some medicines and vitamins contain gluten. Therefore, before embarking on a gluten-free diet, carefully study its composition. Remember that there are always analogues with which you can replace those drugs, vitamins and food supplements that you will use when thinking about losing weight, in which you have found gluten.

So, here is a list of foods you can eat when you decide to cut gluten from your diet:

  • Eggs: can be boiled. We also recommend trying a steamed omelette: very tasty and above all low-calorie;
  • Leaf tea and other berry fruit drinks;
  • Vegetable soups (it can also be on meat broth, but it must be weak), you can add cereals, but be careful that they do not contain gluten;
  • Lactose, which is found in dairy products. Avoid dairy products that contain gluten. Believe me, there is such a thing;
  • Treasure;
  • Berries;
  • Boiled, steamed, stewed meat (especially not fried);
  • buckwheat, rice;
  • Roots;
  • Oil: vegetable or butter.

What can't you eat?

Foods that contain gluten include:

  • Ice cream;
  • Long-life yogurt;
  • Freeze-dried tea and coffee bags;
  • Kvass (because it is made with rye bread);
  • Any canned food, regardless of whether it is meat or fruit (as a rule, they always contain gluten);
  • Cereal products containing gluten;
  • All semi-finished products are prohibited, which necessarily include sausages (smoked and boiled), sausages and so on, because gluten is necessarily present in their composition;
  • Pay particular attention to all the condiments you buy in stores, because they can also contain gluten;
  • Crab sticks and other "fish" products should not be used because they must contain gluten;
  • The vast majority of sweets are of industrial production. It is best to cook your favorite desserts at home, at least you will know what they consist of.

Gluten-free diet for a week

This gluten-free menu shows that you can eat right and not be hungry all day and lose weight. Note that the amount of protein in the diet has slightly increased. This approach will allow the muscles to continue growing and we hope you are working on it.

Day Breakfast Dinner Dinner
Monday For breakfast, eat rice-based porridge (which you can diversify with berries), drink coffee, if it is difficult to do without bread, eat corn. For lunch, prepare a salad of your favorite vegetables, a large portion of chicken breast (but not fried) with potatoes, cheese soup. You can snack on toast with cottage cheese (bread should be made with corn), fruit. Dine on wheat porridge, yogurt (which has a short shelf life) or kefir.
Tuesday Start the day with cottage cheese (you can add berries), your favorite drink, honey and rice bread. Your lunch should be "heavy". Eat pilaf, make a salad with your favorite vegetables, drink juice. You can snack on dark chocolate and a banana. Hearty and tasty dinner: salmon with baked potatoes.
Wednesday Food in the morning should be nutritious for the whole day, even though you are losing weight: prepare yourself an omelette (which can be mixed with cheese), add gluten-free bread, drink your favorite morning drink (coffee or tea). Start lunch with the fish soup, then eat a salad of your favorite vegetables, rice, to which you add a chicken cutlet. Snack on kefir or yogurt and a rice flour sandwich. Dine on a delicious cottage cheese casserole (when cooking, use gluten-free flour).
Thursday For breakfast, eat fried cheese, carrot salad, walnuts, your favorite morning drink. Dine on vegetable soup, mince, tomato beans, drink a drink that does not contain gluten. Snack with ricotta, fruit salad. For dinner, there should be stewed fish, potato pancakes (when using rice flour), tea.
Friday Hearty corn flakes and your favorite fruits are what you need for breakfast. Dine is borsch, meatballs, pasta (but only gluten-free). Snack on two of your favorite fruits and cheeses. You have to dine on buckwheat porridge, but in order not to be so "boring", dilute the porridge with chicken breast (pre-boiled).
on Saturday A healthy gluten-free breakfast is honey, buckwheat pancakes, also drink kefir (if you really don't like it, replace it with gluten-free yogurt). Eat cabbage soup for lunch for the first day, rice and chicken cutlet for the second, drink a gluten-free drink. Your snack on this day is nuts and fruits. Dine on baked fish, stewed vegetables with mushrooms.
Sunday For breakfast, you should expect dried fruit, cheesecake, your favorite morning drink (gluten-free of course). Dine on buckwheat and baked fish, cheese soup, drink gluten-free juice. Snack with walnuts and baked apples. Dine on a salad of your favorite vegetables, boiled chicken, kefir or yogurt (gluten-free).

As you can see for yourself, a gluten-free diet isn't difficult at all. And most importantly, while you don't have to starve yourself and deny yourself your favorite food. The big benefit of gluten-free weight loss is that there is absolutely no chance of burnout. For maximum effect, practice sports - visit gyms regularly, dance, run, and so on. Then you will not only be slim, with a size of 90-60-90, but also a young woman with a toned body. Be sure to note that a diet based on the absence of gluten in foods is particularly beneficial not only for celiacs, but also for diabetics and the older generation.