All about how the watermelon diet is observed, minus 10 kg per week, together with which they will quickly go away

In search of the perfect way to lose a few pounds, you can really spend an eternity, because today there are really a huge number of methods specially designed for this. However, it is the watermelon diet that deserves attention, minus 10 kg per week with which it will become not only a dream, but a reality and, at the same time, a very tasty reality.

Why? - everything is very simple. As it should have been clear, the main ingredient of this technique is watermelon and, probably, there is no person who would disagree that it is really extremely tasty.

Furthermore, using watermelon as a main ingredient also means:

  1. That this technique can also be used for diabetics
  2. Pregnant
  3. It is absolutely harmless (however there are still some contraindications, see the "Contraindications" paragraph).
  4. The diet is based only on natural products
  5. Virtually no significant cuts in other food consumption
  6. And you understand that its use is possible only once a year.

Because only once a year

Always remember! That regardless of the diet, if it is recommended to eat fruit or vegetables, it necessarily means fresh fruit and vegetables, and this technique was no exception. Therefore, this diet should be applied right in the interval between August and September, when you can really buy freshly ripe watermelon. This is extremely important! So pay special attention to this requirement!

To choose a ripe, but not overripe watermelon, pay attention to its weight (it should be around 8-10 kg), its size and, as everyone probably knows, squeeze it a little while it needs to munch.

Why watermelon

Of course, due to its unusual structure, being composed for 90% only of water, which allows you to really guarantee the maximum efficiency of the diet. Watermelon is extremely high in iron and at the same time very low in calories.

watermelon for weight loss

Dietary principle

The essence of the diet is very simple. For 5 days (the duration of the diet, it is forbidden to further increase it, because, in the end, it will become harmful to the body, since, together with toxins, watermelon juices can wash away calcium from the body). For every 10 kilograms of your weight, you need to consume 1 kilogram of watermelon per day, however, it should be noted that the main thing in this diet is not its process, but how to get out of it, since the probability that the whole effect, roughly , it will go off along the line, extremely high.

Output stage ration

The very phase of abandoning the diet lasts about a week (at least two days longer than the diet itself) and, at the same time, every day the diet is almost identical.

  • Breakfast. You should start with a bowl of porridge (rice, oatmeal, etc. ) and a small portion of cottage cheese.
  • Lunch is more changing, because it consists of fish, meat (necessarily boiled, dietetic) and a small portion of vegetable salad.
  • For dinner, eat watermelon again according to the already established rules for the diet itself (the ratio of the norm to your weight).

Everything is extremely simple, but you need to strictly follow these rules.

As a result, your body will be completely cleared of all dross, and the extra pounds will not be able to stay, which will simply go away with them.

slices of watermelon for weight loss

How to make sure watermelon is natural

To check the naturalness of watermelon (or, in other words, the absence of chemicals), you still have to buy it first. After that, open it and take a small piece, which you simply put in a glass of water. After a while, check if the water takes on the color of watermelon juice. If so, the chemistry is present in it and it definitely isn't mature. In this case, it is not possible to use it specifically for the purpose of the diet. To be sure of its ripeness, also pay attention to the tail, around or near which the watermelon must not be very green.

Also, inspect the watermelon carefully, as it shouldn't be a circle of a "solid" color. One of the sides must necessarily be a little yellowish, as such an effect results from its long break on the ground (when it grows). This will also indicate naturalness and ripeness, because the strengthening of this color only happens when the watermelon is already ripe and therefore you can always be sure of this.


As already mentioned, the diet has some contraindications and if you fall into one of the categories of these people, in no case should you use this technique, as this will only harm.

List of contraindications:

  1. Contraindicated for allergy sufferers
  2. For people suffering from kidney stones (because they can simply damage the kidneys, as the body will try to remove them too).
  3. Diet is prohibited for diarrhea
  4. Diet is prohibited for constipation
  5. It is also forbidden if there are problems with urination.
  6. For stomach ailments
  7. If you have an ulcer, etc.

Already at the beginning of this article it was said how important it is to choose a ripe, fresh and completely natural watermelon, but it is also necessary to talk about the consequences of choosing the opposite watermelon for all points. So, for example, it can cause diarrhea, which is associated with a large amount of chemistry with which it is simply pumped.

sliced ​​watermelon for weight loss

Note: it should be noted that this technique really provides a high rate of effectiveness, however a watermelon-based diet can still guarantee minus 10 kg per week for all people, as this also depends on the characteristics of the organism (metabolism rate, age , etc. ). However, in most cases, with due observance, it is still possible to approach this brand because the watermelon diet is simple, tasty and as affordable as possible.