Buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days. Menu for each day, week, month

The first step in the complex struggle for beauty is weight loss. Everyone wants to lose weight in a short time. For example, if you follow a buckwheat diet for weight loss, then in 7 days you can lose a dozen kilograms.

Advantages and disadvantages of the buckwheat diet

Any diet has its advantages and disadvantages. Without touching taste preferences, you need to know what to expect.

Let's start with the positive aspects:

  1. You are not hungry for a long time. All because buckwheat is a high-calorie product. Therefore, between meals there will be no painful feeling of hunger.
  2. Price availability.
  3. Health benefits of vitamins and trace elements.
  4. 100% effect due to dietary restrictions.
  5. Just cook. After all, it is enough to pour buckwheat with boiling water.


  1. It can cause dislike due to the use of the same product.
  2. Lack of natural sweetness. But this inconvenience affects only the sweet tooth.
  3. Blood pressure decreases. But for those with high blood pressure, this is quite an advantage.
  4. Fatigue sets in quickly. Irritability and sudden mood swings may occur.
  5. Headache can occur due to a lack of salt in the diet.

Are there any contraindications?

The restrictions are divided into 3 groups:

  1. Situational.
  2. Physiological.
  3. Illnesses.

Situational situations include life circumstances where greater concentration of attention or greater physical activity is required.

That is, you can not follow such a diet when preparing and passing exams or during sports. Any responsible work does not allow the introduction of such a diet.

Physiological conditions include:

  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  2. Childhood and adolescence.
  3. The state of discomfort during menstruation and menopause.

Diseases that do not allow you to follow a buckwheat diet for weight loss for 3, 7 or 14 days:

  1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Diabetes.
  3. Gastric ulcer.
  4. Gastritis.
  5. Intestinal disorders.

When choosing a method of losing weight, you should definitely consult a doctor to identify hidden diseases.

The choice of buckwheat and its preparation

Do you think all buckwheat is the same? This is not true. Since the processing and storage conditions are different, the taste can also differ. To find the best buckwheat for your diet, you need to know what to look for when choosing.

What you should pay attention to:

  1. For packing.It must be intact. No break. Otherwise, moisture will get inside, which will significantly reduce the quality of the product. As a rule, cellophane is now used for packaging. This material is quite durable and absolutely does not let moisture in.
  2. Color spectrum.Brown groats - have undergone a special steam treatment. Suitable for those who like to eat crumbly porridge. A creamy hue that exudes yellow or green indicates that the product is natural and not steamed, which means that such grains are more useful. Dark brown with a reddish tinge, buckwheat will bring less benefits, as it was not steamed, but fried. This method is used by small businesses. Nucleoli with smooth edges of the same shade are considered to be high-quality buckwheat. If you see that in one package there is a buckwheat mixture of different colors, then it is better to set it aside. After all, the cooking time of each type is different, and it will be quite difficult to maintain balance when cooking.
  3. Buckwheat is a healthy, high-calorie product for weight loss
  4. Taste quality.If you feel bitterness or acidity, you can safely return the product to the store. This means that the storage conditions have been violated.
  5. Odor.Poor quality buckwheat can smell like mold, mildew, and other unpleasant odors. It is unacceptable.
  6. Best before. Experts say that it should not be counted from the date of packaging, but from the harvest. But not all manufacturers can provide this information.

Cooking buckwheat is quite simple. Pour a glass of cereal into a saucepan, pour two glasses of boiling water and let it steam overnight.

The excellent buckwheat is obtained if it is cooked over low heat or in a bain-marie. But if you want it quickly, pour the cereal into the pan and fill it with water. Cook, stirring until all the water has evaporated.

Can you add salt?

The buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days does not involve adding saltin products. But doctors still recommend adding salt in moderation.

If you completely remove this mineral from the diet, it threatens with fatigue and malaise. On the other hand, unsalted food reduces hunger faster and for a longer period, which means that the amount of food consumed will decrease.

How Much Buckwheat Can You Eat in a Day?

There is no limit to the amount of buckwheat consumed per day. All because it is a satisfying product that relieves hunger quickly and permanently.

Add to this the removal of excess water from the body, but at the same time it is filled with protein and iron. Everything else the body will restore itself from natural reserves, which means that the metabolism will be faster.

200 grams of buckwheat is the standard daily portion of the weekly diet

But, as a rule,for a day it is enough if 200 grams of cereals are steamed in 500 ml of water.

Is it possible to drink coffee and tea on a buckwheat diet?

The modern pace of life is very fast. Much is done on the run. You have to get up quickly, wake up, do a lot of things. All of this takes energy.

Many are used to getting it by drinking in the morning and a cup of coffee or a cup of tea during the break. And who decides to go on a diet?

Coffee and tea are not contraindicatedon a buckwheat diet.

But you need to consider the rules:

  1. Coffee must be natural. There is no need to sweeten it with anything. But you can add cinnamon or lemon zest.
  2. The same rules apply to tea. It is best if the choice falls on green tea. It also removes excess water from the body.
  3. You shouldn't neglect the drinking regimen. Water cannot be substituted for tea or coffee. That is, these drinks are an addition to food, but not a substitute for pure non-carbonated water.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to lose weight on buckwheat?

While breastfeeding, a woman should be careful about her diet. After all, limiting oneself in something can immediately lead to a deficiency or deterioration in the quality of breast milk, a deterioration in the appearance and well-being of the younger mother.

Therefore, the buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days in the classic version is contraindicated. What can be done?

Take advantage of the light diet option:

  1. Drink from 2 liters of liquid. It can be water, compotes, fruit drinks or herbal teas.
  2. Buckwheat should be eaten twice a day. Leave the rest of the meals unchanged.
  3. You can add lean fish or meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables to the grains.

What do doctors say about the buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days?

Doctors are not against the buckwheat diet. And evenrecommend three and seven day courses. But running a two-week marathon is only recommended for those who are 100% confident in their body strength.

The most important thing is to take care of your well-being. There is nothing good in torturing yourself. If an allergic reaction occurs, digestive problems begin, or any body system fails, a specific diet must be completed.

Experts recommend a smooth start and end of the diet.In the end, you shouldn't pounce on all the supplies you wanted to eat. Do this gradually, introducing 1 new product every 2-3 days.

How many kg can you lose?

In a couple of weeks it is possible to lose weight by 10-14 kg.But don't try to get rid of the unwanted pounds quickly, as this will make the result more difficult to maintain. But doctors recommend organizing 14-day fasting days no more than once every six months.

The result of losing weight thanks to the buckwheat diet

No specialist with a 100% guarantee will tell you exactly how much you can lose a kilogram. Much depends on the physical and genetic characteristics, the state of health, the season, the amount of food consumed, the metabolism.

Some easily lose a dozen, others have a hard time losing 3 kg. The main thing is to believe in yourself and not stop.

Buckwheat Diet Options

In addition to the fact that the buckwheat diet can last 3, 7 and 14 days, there are 3 types:

  1. Strict or mono diet. This is when you can only eat steamed buckwheat without salt and sugar.
  2. Kefir-buckwheat. In this option you can add kefir.
  3. Light. Here you can add dried fruit (2-3 pieces of dried apricots or prunes to each meal).
  4. To save money. You can diversify the menu with berries, fruit or steamed vegetables. It is also possible to add low-fat cheese (up to 30 g).
  5. Firming. To the previous option, add cottage cheese (125g), boiled veal (100g), salad dressed with soy sauce or olive oil (for lunch).

Days of unloading on buckwheat

Not everyone can afford diets. For some, it is more convenient to organize fasting days on their own.

Buckwheat is perfect for fasting days

This approach has its undeniable advantages:

  1. In one day you can lose about 3 kg.
  2. The function of the liver will improve, the walls of the blood vessels will be strengthened thanks to lysine (an enzyme for the absorption of calcium).
  3. Buckwheat satisfies hunger quickly.
  4. The residues of undigested food will be removed from the intestines and excess water will leave the body.
  5. Increased self-esteem. Indeed, thanks to strong-willed qualities, a person smoothly switches to proper nutrition and helps his body.

strict diet for 3 days

The basis of the three-day diet:

  1. The amount of buckwheat consumed is unlimited.
  2. You need to eat 6 times a day.
  3. Drink at least two liters of liquid. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to drink water 30 minutes before meals or half an hour after.

Example menu:

  • morning - 2 glasses of warm water;
  • half an hour later - buckwheat porridge;
  • snack after 30 minutes - a glass of water;
  • second breakfast in half an hour - buckwheat and so on.

Switching to non-diet food should be smooth so that the result obtained from the buckwheat diet for weight loss for 7 days does not go away.

Buckwheat diet with dried fruit for 5 days

A buckwheat diet with added nuts is a great balanced option.It will be enough to add 6 or 7 dried apricot berries, raisins, prunes to buckwheat porridge per day.Use them as a snack.

Dried fruit a delicious snack in addition to buckwheat porridge

An important condition is complete chewing up to the state of gruel. So you can quickly forget the feeling of hunger.

Buckwheat kefir diet for a week

Possible buckwheat diet menu for weight loss for 7 days:


  • buckwheat with prunes;
  • buckwheat with greens;
  • curdled milk;
  • buckwheat with kefir;


  • buckwheat porridge with kefir;
  • buckwheat from a double boiler;
  • kefir;
  • buckwheat with dried apricots.


  • steamed buckwheat with curdled milk;
  • buckwheat with white cabbage salad;
  • Green apple;
  • buckwheat with kefir.


  • buckwheat polenta with grated green apple;
  • buckwheat with grated carrots;
  • kefir;
  • buckwheat from a double boiler with kefir.


  • buckwheat with skim milk;
  • Buckwheat with kefir the basis of the diet of one of the options for an effective diet
  • Green apple;
  • buckwheat with kefir;
  • kefir.

On Saturday:

  • buckwheat with kefir;
  • buckwheat with cucumber;
  • curdled milk;
  • buckwheat with dried fruit.


  • buckwheat with kefir;
  • buckwheat with cucumber;
  • Grape;
  • buckwheat with herbs and kefir.

Buckwheat protein diet for 10 days


  1. Eat buckwheat with protein. Don't forget about two liters of liquids you need to consume per day. It is allowed to add tea (green) or fruit decoction (up to half a liter).
  2. High protein foods for the buckwheat protein diet
  3. Number of chicken breasts per day 2-3. The boil should be skinless.
  4. Different distribution of buckwheat and meat. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon buckwheat snack and dinner are the time for protein foods.
  5. Salt and sugar are excluded.
  6. You should start taking complex vitamins for this period.

Protein products for every day of the diet:

  • 300 grams of boiled fish;
  • 300 grams of boiled chicken meat;
  • 100 gr of mozzarella;
  • omelette of 2 eggs and low-fat milk;
  • 100 gr of cottage cheese, 200 gr of kefir;
  • 300 grams of lean baked fish;
  • 200 gr of ricotta;
  • 300 gr of grilled beef;
  • 200 gr of ricotta;
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs.

Diet for 14 days: buckwheat, vegetables and fruits

This is a balanced type of diet. Vegetables and fruits will give your body extra energy, and porridge won't make you feel hungry.


  1. Before breakfast, you should drink 200ml of water. It must be clean and not carbonated.
  2. 4 tbsp. is the amount of salad that can be eaten at a time.
  3. Fruit and vegetable salads should be eaten in turn along with buckwheat.

Buckwheat diet for one month

To achieve high results in a month, you can choose one of the buckwheat-based diet types yourself.

Buckwheat porridge with the addition of kefir.Three times a day, you need to eat buckwheat as a main dish and drink fat-free kefir three times as a snack. The intestine will begin to function "like a clock".

Menu of the day:

  • buckwheat - about 400 gr;
  • kefir - up to 1 liter;
  • water without gas - 2 liters.
One of the options for a buckwheat diet for a month includes the use of vegetable salad

Buckwheat with vegetables.Up to 200 grams of raw vegetables can be added to buckwheat. For example, cabbage, tomatoes or cucumbers. Avitaminosis with such a diet is not terrible.

Menu of the day:

  • the first meal is prepared buckwheat;
  • snack - vegetable salad with butter;
  • lunch - buckwheat porridge;
  • second snack - fresh vegetable salad without dressing;
  • dinner - steamed buckwheat;
  • The last meal of the day is a green salad without dressing.

Buckwheat with fruit.Suitable for the sweet tooth, because it is possible to include apples, pears and oranges in the diet after 20 minutes from taking the main ingredient of the diet.

Menu of the day:

  • breakfast - buckwheat;
  • snack - fruit salad;
  • Fruit in addition to buckwheat for the sweet tooth who want to lose weight
  • lunch - buckwheat;
  • afternoon snack - fruit;
  • dinner - buckwheat.

Weight loss with buckwheat and green tea


  1. At least two liters of fluids per day. But water cannot be replaced with green tea. Otherwise, due to the diuretic properties, dehydration may occur.
  2. To the main ingredient you can add lean meat and fish, not very sweet fruit, raw vegetables.
  3. Green tea should be brewed stronger than usual, you can add honey (1 tsp).

Buckwheat egg diet

In addition to buckwheat, you will need eggs. 5 pieces a day soft-boiled. For breakfast, make sure you eat 1 egg and spread the rest throughout the day.

Example menu:

  • 8: 00 - a glass of water;
  • 8: 30 - buckwheat;
  • 9: 30 - 1 soft-boiled egg;
  • 10: 30 - a glass of water;
  • 11: 30 - buckwheat;
  • 12: 30 - 1 soft-boiled egg;
  • 13: 30 - a glass of water;
  • 14: 30 - buckwheat;
  • 15: 30 - 1 soft-boiled egg;
  • 16: 30 - water;
  • 17: 30 - buckwheat;
  • 18: 30 - water;
  • 19: 00 - 1 soft-boiled egg.

Diet option on buckwheat and juices


  1. System of two liters of water + 1 liter of juice.
  2. Juices can be anything. Drink a new one every day.
  3. Freshly squeezed juices to complement one of the buckwheat diets
  4. You need to squeeze the juice immediately before eating. You can't sweeten them or salt them.
  5. You need to drink an hour after eating porridge.
  6. 300-400 gr - the daily norm of porridge.

Buckwheat diet

Cottage cheese is a dietary product with a large amount of protein and calcium. With strict adherence to the diet, you can get rid of 7 kg in 10 days.

General rules:

  1. Buckwheat is cooked in a bain-marie;
  2. Every day you should drink two liters of liquid per day;
  3. Cottage cheese should be bought fat-free. For one day you will need 300 gr.
  4. The last meal should finish 4 hours before bedtime.
  5. The total amount of buckwheat and cottage cheese should be divided into 5 equal parts.

Example menu:

  • 8: 00 - a glass of water;
  • 8: 30 - buckwheat, 60 gr of cottage cheese;
  • 9: 30 - a glass of water;
  • 10: 30 - a glass of water;
  • 11: 30 - buckwheat + cottage cheese;
  • 12: 30 - a glass of water;
  • 13: 30 - a glass of water;
  • 14: 30 - buckwheat + cottage cheese;
  • 15: 30 - water;
  • 16: 30 - water;
  • 17: 00 - buckwheat + cottage cheese;
  • 18: 30 - water;
  • 19: 30 - buckwheat + ricotta.

Buckwheat honey diet


  1. Honey must be diluted in a glass of warm water.
  2. Honey water is a great snack.
  3. Water with honey a healthy snack on a buckwheat honey diet
  4. 3 teaspoons - daily intake of honey.
  5. You should also start taking complex vitamins.


  • breakfast - water + honey;
  • second breakfast - buckwheat;
  • snack - water + honey;
  • lunch - buckwheat;
  • afternoon snack - water with honey;
  • dinner - buckwheat.

Savory diet of buckwheat

One type of thrifty diet is a buckwheat diet.

It might look like this:

  • for breakfast - cottage cheese (100 gr) + buckwheat porridge. Everything is mixed in a bowl;
  • snack - kefir (1 glass);
  • lunch - buckwheat (150 gr), boiled beef (up to 100 gr), vegetable salad with lemon juice (150 gr);
  • dinner - buckwheat (100 gr) + kefir (200 gr).

The right way out of the buckwheat diet

In order for the result obtained from the buckwheat diet for weight loss to be preserved in 7 days, it is necessary to smoothly finish the diet.

There are several basic rules:

  1. Maintain balance in drinking. Drinking lots of water should be mandatory.
  2. The use of pure water is a prerequisite for getting out of the buckwheat diet.
  3. Be moderate in introducing seasonings and sauces.
  4. Don't neglect exercise.
  5. Keep eating healthy foods.
  6. Gradually introduce new foods into your diet. That is to say, every 2 days introduce new products.

Better if you do it in the following order:

  • fresh vegetables;
  • egg;
  • lean meats;
  • vegetable oil as a seasoning;
  • liquid dairy products;
  • other dairy products;
  • cereals and bread;
  • fruit, nuts and honey.

What are people saying about buckwheat weight loss?

Everyone who has lost weight on a buckwheat diet to lose weight in 7 days says one thing: this is a very effective method that really helps not only to quickly lose a dozen extra pounds, but also to maintain this weight for quite a while.

The only drawback is called monotony.Even if they make a reservation this is all due to habit. And if you find an acceptable combination of products for yourself, then the diet has no drawbacks when used correctly.