Recipes for proper nutrition for every day for weight loss

Fast diets allow you to lose a few kilograms of weight in a couple of weeks, but their downside is that body fat will return soon. To stay slim and not get fat, you need to follow a proper diet every day. This doesn't require limiting yourself to delicious food or constantly starving.

fruits and vegetables for weight loss

The right menu every day

Recipes for proper nutrition for weight loss are very diverse, they consist of a large selection of products. From them you can make a delicious menu for every day. Their diversity will allow you to maintain a healthy diet (PP) without effort and stress, and the result will be a beautiful and slim figure. The right food recipes for weight loss have a huge list of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • They are fully approved by nutritionists, because they do not force the body to starve and provide it with all the necessary substances and trace elements.
  • Such a menu does not let the feeling of hunger arise, offering many light dishes that can be eaten at will throughout the day.
  • The diet contains many popular dishes, they are often served in restaurants, so you can safely go to any special occasion.
  • Proper nutrition menu allows you to select food to your liking and prepare new dishes almost every day.

The lack of monotony allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle without psychological stress. If the diet is tired, you can easily change menus without going beyond the PP.

Operating principle

The principle of proper nutrition is based on long-term adherence to the selected diet. The menu needs to be planned for weeks, while healthy food will help get rid of body fat smoothly and permanently. The whole weight loss process will take, depending on the individual characteristics of the body, several months, but the result will remain for a long time. In addition, regular weight loss will avoid the unsightly sagging skin that often remains after heavy weight loss.

The recipes for weight loss, based on a correct nutritional system, are calculated according to the scheme established by nutritionists. According to this scheme, a healthy menu for every day should contain:

  • carbohydrates in the amount of 50%
  • animal and vegetable proteins not more than 30%
  • fats of different origin - 20%

At the same time, the daily calorie intake should be at least 1800 kcal in the women's menu and at least 2100 in the men's menu. Limiting the nutritional value of foods below these limits is dangerous to health.

Individual selection of recipes

weight loss with proper nutrition

Constant adherence to a certain type of recipe forms persistent taste preferences. That is why you need to build your diet from the very beginning in such a way that you will only receive positive results in the future. Recipes and menus of proper nutrition should vary depending on the degree of obesity, this will help you lose weight quickly and without harm to health.

If the weight exceeds 100 kg, it makes sense to minimize the carbohydrate content in the menu for each day. The most easily digested carbohydrates are found in white bread, cereals and sweets. All this must be replaced with products based on coarse cereals, which do not saturate worse than usual, but do not turn into fat. If there are kidney problems, it is necessary to limit protein intake and give preference to cereals.


PP recipes for weight loss are designed for every day, they can be prepared and consumed at any time of the day. However, to normalize the metabolism, it is better to establish a strict eating schedule, which can be carried out both for the day and for the whole week. Emphasis should be placed on breakfast, as the food consumed in the morning is completely digested during the day.

At first, eating a large amount of food for breakfast can be problematic, but literally after a week the situation will change dramatically. By shifting the main meal to the morning hours, a person begins to feel the desire to eat in the morning, and not in the evening. Either way, PP involves up to 6 meals a day, so you don't have to go hungry.

If there is a desire to eat your favorite candy or sandwich from time to time, you shouldn't deny yourself, as this can lead to stress and a subsequent breakdown of food. Dishes from the PP menu should be prepared stewed, boiled or steamed, the use of a grill is acceptable. You should not fry in oil, such food causes obesity and nullifies all efforts to lose weight. However, it is impossible to completely abandon fats, they just need to be used in a non-fried form.

Oatmeal for breakfast

oatmeal for weight loss and proper nutrition

Oatmeal not only contains many useful trace elements, but also improves intestinal motility. It is best to consume it for breakfast, it will tidy up the stomach and intestines, and also establish a good work schedule for them. To make porridge, you can take ordinary Hercules flakes. Porridge is prepared like this:

  1. The required amount of cereals is poured with warm skimmed milk and set on fire for a couple of minutes, after which it is infused for another 10 minutes.
  2. While the porridge is infused, you should chop some of all the nuts (lightly fried), wash some raisins, dried apricots or other dried fruit to taste.
  3. Mix nuts and dried fruit with porridge, add a spoonful of honey and eat.

If you are tired of oatmeal, the dish can be made with buckwheat, rice or millet. When choosing nuts, it should be remembered that, for example, peanuts can cause allergies. Nuts are best for porridge.

Sandwiches for breakfast

Proper nutrition offers recipes for delicious weight loss sandwiches for every day. It is based on wholemeal bread, while the fillings can be selected according to one's taste and alternated as desired. The sandwich is prepared like this:

  1. In the evening, the breast of chicken, turkey or any other bird is boiled. You can buy lightly salted red fish instead.
  2. In the morning, minced brisket or fish are laid out on slices of wholemeal bread.
  3. Slices of natural low-fat cheese are placed on top.
  4. In the summer, you can layer a sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes or cucumbers. Out of season they should not be purchased; grown in greenhouses, they do not give anything useful.
  5. Cover with another slice of bread.

Such sandwiches can be eaten in unlimited quantities. To enhance the effect, they should be eaten with unsweetened kefir or yogurt.


omelette for weight loss and proper nutrition

This omelette differs from the usual one in a lower fat content. It is prepared like this:

  1. Pour a couple of tablespoons of olive oil into the pan.
  2. 2 whole eggs and 2 proteins are broken in heated oil.
  3. Any vegetables you like crumble on top, it can be dill, parsley, basil or cilantro.

This omelette goes well with an unsweetened fruit salad. It should be eaten in the morning, but it can also be prepared in the middle of the day as a light snack.

pasta for lunch

When choosing pasta, you need to pay attention to the type of flour from which they are made. Recipes for proper nutrition for weight loss involve using hard flour-based pasta for all weeks. Cooking pasta is better for lunch, the classic recipe looks like this:

  1. The pasta is boiled, placed in a colander and washed with boiling water.
  2. The still hot pasta is rolled out on a plate and sprinkled with low-fat cheese.

As a topping, you can use low-fat kefir or yogurt mixed with finely chopped herbs, crushed garlic, or mustard seeds.

Breaded cauliflower

breaded cauliflower for weight loss pp

Cauliflower, along with broccoli and Brussels sprouts, is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. They must be included in the menu several times a week, you can simply boil them for a couple or in boiling water, bringing them to the "al dente" state. This means that the vegetables should be slightly cooked and slightly crunchy. Cauliflower can be cooked like this:

  1. Disassemble the head in inflorescences and wash well.
  2. Mix the lean cream and egg white, prepare a bowl of semolina.
  3. Dip the cabbage first in the protein mixture, then in the semolina, put on a baking sheet.
  4. Cook until cooked.

The cabbage thus obtained can be eaten for lunch as a separate dish, or as an addition to the pasta of the previous recipe.


Lasagna is a tasty and healthy dish if prepared with hard flour and a minimum of fat. For its preparation you need:

  • bag of pasta for lasagna
  • 200 gr of aubergines
  • 200 gr of zucchini
  • 200 gr tomatoes
  • 100 gr of boiled carrots
  • 50g low-fat sour cream
  • 2 cloves of garlic

Cut the aubergines, carrots and courgettes into thin spaghetti, the tomatoes into circles. Lightly fry the raw vegetables in olive oil. Crush the garlic and mix with sour cream. Boil the lasagna dough according to the instructions, top it with greens and sour cream sauce. Cook until cooked.

Light soup with vegetables and rice

vegetable soup for weight loss

Soups should be consumed several times a week, they improve digestion and promote weight loss. Here is a recipe for a simple soup, if desired, you can vary the names of the vegetables in it:

  1. Chop a small onion, lightly chop a couple of tomatoes and hold them for a minute in boiling water, then cut into small pieces.
  2. Peel the large pepper and cut it into pieces.
  3. Fry the onion in olive oil and add tomatoes, peppers and parsley to taste.
  4. Pour fried vegetables in water or vegetable broth, boil, add 3 tbsp. L. washed rice.
  5. Bring to a boil, boil for a quarter of an hour, add salt and add spices to taste.

This diet soup should be eaten for lunch.

Vegetables and chicken for dinner

The correct menu for the week should contain the required amount of meat. It is necessary to select low-fat varieties, such as veal, rabbit and poultry. They can be combined with vegetables like this:

  1. Aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers or other vegetables are cut to taste, put in a cast iron pan with a drizzle of oil and simmer over low heat.
  2. The meat is boiled separately, in this case it is the chicken fillet. It can be simply boiled in water or steamed.
  3. The finished fillet is cut into pieces, added to vegetables and stewed for another 5 minutes. At the end, salt and spices are added to taste.

As a side dish, buckwheat or brown rice go well with this dish.

Rice with seafood

Seafood is an integral part of the week's diet. You can use any fish, squid and other seafood. As a side dish, nutritionists recommend using unpolished brown rice. The dish is prepared like this:

  1. Brown rice should be washed under running water until no more cloudy water comes out. Soak it in cold water for 2 hours.
  2. Boil the rice in a large pot, bearing in mind that its volume will increase three times. Boiling water should be lightly salted.
  3. Seafood is steamed or boiled in water, it must be salted.
  4. Arrange the seafood on the rice, the dish can be served to the table.

For seafood, you can make a sauce of yogurt, crushed garlic and finely chopped dill. This sauce is very healthy and delicious.