Buckwheat diet for one week

buckwheat porridge for weight loss

The popular buckwheat diet for a week is calculated and often gives the result of a weight loss of 5-10 kilograms. If you take this power system seriously, you can be convinced of the truth of this statement. We come across a variety of buckwheat diet reviews, but how it actually works can only be verified on our experience. So, let's start losing weight and transforming ourselves.

Simple weekly buckwheat diet

We are dealing with an effective nutritional system, the results of which are noticeable after a week. In addition to buckwheat groats, we will use kefir and some other products. Everyone knows the advantages of this type of cereal, it contains an impressive percentage of valuable proteins. We will also receive potassium and iron from buckwheat. Phosphorus and iodine are worth mentioning. Also, we will call vitamin P and several B vitamins. Fiber, when it enters our body, acts as a detoxifier.

This diet is inconceivable without a quality fermented milk product: kefir. By eating good kefir, we get the right portions of calcium, saturate the body with proteins, vitamin A and several B vitamins. When kefir is introduced into the diet, digestion is improved and the body is freed from harmful toxins and toxins. dangerous. The work of lactic acid bacteria is to eliminate putrefactive processes localized in the intestinal cavity.

The combination of buckwheat and kefir gives a surprising effect. Simultaneously with weight loss, we achieve excellent digestion, cleanse the liver and improve the condition of the skin. It is important to learn how to choose the right kefir for nutrition in the diet regime. If we have a product that is less than a day old, its use implies a predisposition to flatulence and the creation of a laxative effect. And in the case of using a fermented milk product made more than 3 days ago, there is a high risk of constipation.

buckwheat porridge with oil for weight loss

Buckwheat nutrition is designed for a week, during which the body is freed from harmful effects and excess weight.

The rules of a healthy diet based on buckwheat

In the evening we prepare the food for the next day. 1 cup of cereal is likely to be enough. It is necessary to pour boiling water into the washed buckwheat and drain the water after a few seconds. Then pour the cereals with fresh, even boiling water. If we have 1 cup of buckwheat, the optimal serving of water is 1. 5 cups. Leave the buckwheat overnight under a lid, it is recommended to further isolate it. This dish does not need to be boiled. We must stick to one simple principle: eat buckwheat as needed. Consume a small serving of cereal every few hours. If you are hungry, you can eat every hour.

Before going to bed for 4-5 hours there should be complete hunger, if this is unbearable, then in extreme cases you can drink a small portion of kefir. As part of the diet, buckwheat is cooked without spices or sauces, without salt or sugar. Kefir is the perfect match for buckwheat. The fat content of a fermented milk drink should be low, 1% kefir is optimal. It is enough to consume one liter bottle of kefir per day. It is best to drink a portion of kefir before or after meals, keep an interval with food for about 30 minutes. It is allowed to drink buckwheat with kefir or mix these two products.

The total volume of fluids drunk per day should be close to at least 1. 5 liters. In this diet, in addition to pure water, you can consume various slimming drinks such as ginger tea or stone water. Green tea, various herbal teas, and lemon-based drinks are also good options. The use of multivitamin complexes is encouraged. You can drink tea or coffee, no more than 2 servings per day. Sugar is completely eliminated. To replenish the vitamin reserve, you can eat some natural honey. To enrich the taste of buckwheat you can season it with aromatic herbs, lemon juice or garlic, but without fanaticism.

Do not assume that this simple buckwheat diet for a week plunges us into a world of hunger and monotony. Hunger usually doesn't bother, there's no loss of strength. Sure, you'll want a variety of nutrition this week. There are several harmless foods, but, on the contrary, useful in dietary nutrition.

To further feed the body with vitamins, get normal portions of fiber, and provide natural sugars for proper brain function, we need dried fruit. There will be no harm if you eat several berries separately from food or together with buckwheat. Prunes and dried apricots are best suited.

You can diversify your diet with buckwheat itself, for example, using green buckwheat.

It is worth paying attention to cabbage and actively consuming it. It is known that for the processing of cabbage itself we spend more energy than we acquire as a result of its assimilation by the body. This negative calorie content is beneficial to us. And even if there are vegetables in the diet, there are no restrictions.

Unsweetened fruits will not be superfluous. For a day - 2-3 fruits. Better to turn this food into a standalone snack. If we talk specifically about green apples, then they go well with buckwheat.

In order for a buckwheat diet for a week to be beneficial and bring the coveted weight loss of 5-10 kilograms, it is necessary to consult a specialist. If any health problems are found, you will have to forgo this and other diets. Contraindications should be taken seriously, for example, with anemia or low hemoglobin levels, such a diet is not useful. If blood pressure is constantly lowered, then you should not organize such a diet. With diabetes mellitus, it is also unacceptable to practice eating buckwheat alone. Even a woman who is pregnant or nursing a baby does not have the right to follow diets, especially difficult ones.